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This would bring obstructions and hindrances of sorts. Be prepared to handle theses.

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It guides you to a belief that brings about the right positive attitude. Learn about the wonders of life and try to enjoy life as it comes your way. January is not a good time to start big ventures, Leo.

Garner your strength and look for strategies to win big. Success eludes you for now but comes in the ensuing months. February brings about new respite in your life.

If you are after finances, then this is not the time. And then if you are spiritually bent then the month is much favourable for your pursuits. Particularly the first half of the month. You remain highly motivated this period. Do look at the bigger picture out there instead of focussing on the smaller things around.

Being picky would not take you places. March proves to be quite troublesome for Leo guys as some of the planets like Venus, Uranus and Neptune are in opposition deg to your sign. Your senses would be stimulated and you are likely to indulge these days. You would be full of energy, fun and frolic fill your days. Romance is also on the cards for some Leo guys this March.

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Go ahead and enjoy!! April seems to be a fantastic month for Leo people. Saturn and Neptune are in opposition deg now and this works out for you favorably. You enter a calm and serene period now. And compassion and feelings rule over you these days.

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But then stay clear of being too judgemental of others as Saturn compels you to do so. You are likely to motivate many around this April. Use this period to hone up your skills as well.

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Look out for some social, charity or spiritual works that would give you an inner harmony. For Leo guys, Saturn is placed in your sign this May And its is favorably aspected by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn helps you to think constructively and Neptune works with your ideals and dreams. And Jupiter helps to organize your thoughts and dreams through proper channels. You are highly motivated all this month. A good time to hold onto your visions. Working on with some social and charity organizations would give you peace and solace. Also brings happiness and positive vibes around.

Saturn is and has been in your sign for quite sometime now and this makes you quite contemplative in nature.

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Consecrate Shiva Linga Idol with pure water, light a clay lamp diya and incense sticks, and chant "Om Namah Shivay" mantra times everyday. Avoid wearing the colour Sky Blue today. You will need the support of your team members, so gather up all your te Read More When you plant a seed, you plant hope. Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 The week is likely to start with you taking a daunting life decision. Leo Jul 23 - Aug 23 Professionalism always impresses, no matter who you are or what you do. Pure-hearted and clever, they are often found to be experts at any work involving defence, artillery, weapons and operating arms and ammunition related complex systems.

And Saturn in your sign is opposed deg by Neptune which makes the time ripe for pilgrimages or spiritual pursuits. A good time to organize your professional or personal life. Around the middle of June, Venus enters your sign and this brings about love and warmth around.

Positive energy would start radiating from you. This month also favors accomplishment of some bigger motives of you. Leo folks have the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in opposition deg to their sign. And the Sun is in your sign. This indicates unexpected events in your life.

Myriad experiences of various hues and colors alternate for you now.

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This is a good time to grab opportunities that knock on you. Else you might hunt for them. Be open-minded, liberal and have a positive outlook. The planets for the month guide you towards goodness in life. Happy birthday Leos. With the Sun in your sign, there is no dearth for energy for the natives. Your imagination runs wild these days. Saturn and Venus are posited in your sign and they are in opposition deg to the outer planet, Neptune.

This makes you oscillate between practicality and your thought process. Faith and hope particularly are highlighted for now.

leondumoulin.nl/language/encyclopedias/crime-does-not-pay.php Pluto would be aspecting Saturn in your sign bringing your emotions and feelings to the centre-stage. Spirituality is also emphasized for now. You would be a great motivator for those around. Your knowledge and wisdom would be put to beneficial use this month. Be cautious of your energy usage for now. Leos would have the planets Venus and Neptune in opposition deg to each other all this month. This highlights romance and love for the season.

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However around the middle of September, Venus moves ahead and your fantasy wanes off. Look out for affection and love from near and dear ones. There would be an inclination to party this month, do not over-indulge though. Your mind might be oscillating inciting trouble around for the period.

Be mindful of your desires as negative issues lurk around. Meditation and holy trips would give you solace. Do not yield to physical gratifications for now.

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There would be no major planetary effects for Leo folks this October Hence this would be quite a calm and peaceful month. Be at peace with your environment. No major negative or positive stimulations are found around. For long you have the planet Neptune in opposition deg in your sign and this aids in your dreams. Get your mind off your desires and swing into action. Action speaks louder now. This is not a time to wish, instead a time to get engaged. In November, the Leo natives would be blessed with intellect and academic success thanks to the favourable aspects of Mercury to your sign.

Love, romance and affection are highlighted this period as Venus and Neptune are placed in your sign. This promises a happy period for Leo folks all through November You would hog the limelight this season if you do things with a commitment. But make sure that pride and ego do not go to your head. During December, Saturn would be in your sign, Leo. However it would be opposed by Neptune deg. This makes the month quite conducive for spiritual pursuits and pilgrimages.

Add to this the square aspect 90 deg of Mars and Jupiter with Saturn. Journey should preferably be undertaken before noon. Do not undertake journey after evening and Please consider 10 minutes plus and minus in each prediction, and act accordingly. Ganesha advises you to compare every prediction with the prediction of the previous time slot. We have already launched the Stock Market Predictions Book. Don't depend on the opening. Ganesha is Take heart- The messenger planet is sprinting forward again, smoothing ruffled feathers and soothing hurt feelings.

If you are nervous about starting a conversation, how about sending flowers and an apology card, which should be well received under today decadent new moon in Leo. It is second nature for your generous sign to just pitch in and help get a job done before even being asked. Others are actually more capable of taking care of business than you always give them credit for.

Instead of doing it for them, patiently show them how it is done. It is never fun to hear about your imperfections, but hey, you are human When the Cancer moon aligns with healer Neptune today, steel yourself and listen to a critique of where you veered off track. Your compassionate sign is highly sensitive to other people feelings but sometimes, just articulating your unedited truth is a nobler approach. Even if you have to confess something you are not proud of, at least you will not have to listen to those skeletons rattling around in your psychic closet.

Trust your intuition today, because it is a way more reliable gauge than people words. Under this curative planetary connection, you can help someone simply by sensing what they need and offering it to them.