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One of the most recently discovered heavenly bodies is a planetoid named Chiron.

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It was first sighted in on its trek between Saturn and Uranus. The planet was named after Chiron, the Centaur. She did not escape, however, and Zeus impregnated her.

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When she gave birth, she was shocked to see that her newborn was half horse, half boy. The mother was so terrified that she prayed to the gods to be changed into a tree. His ancient teachings are now resurfacing through the advent of holistic health and education.

What Does Chiron Mean In Astrology? What It Reveals About Our Deepest Wounds

Chiron is often seen to be a "maverick", perhaps due to his eccentric orbit, and his closeness to Uranus. He can also be held responsible for deep, dreamlike states of consciousness, especially when connected by a major aspect with Saturn. Close to their fiftieth birthday, most people experience what astrologers call the Chiron Return, when Chiron by transit crosses over his position in their natal chart for the first time in fifty years.

This is prime time for the karmic realisation to be unbound. In the words of astrologer and counsellor Brian Clark :. Clark argues in Brave New World: Forward into the Fifties that Chiron's fate embraces both the pain of incarnation and the fires of spirit:. People born between and with Chiron in Pisces are now entering their Chiron Return phase. This release of a renewed spirit is very much the purpose of incarnation on this shining blue world.

We all carry a hefty load of baggage, and most of us must endure the suffering caused by a profound psychological wound. We need to heal this wound in order to function in a world of wellness, to be able to dance lightly across the dreamscape — and to give of our own true beauty so that others may be released in order to join us in the dance of the free spirit.

Chiron has entered our consciousness again after a sleep of some two millennia, and now it is time to let him express his healing gift.

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Education of Achilles by Chiron. Chiron instructing Achilles in Music. Prometheus, by Leslie Xuereb. Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Clow's book is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand the wise Centaur and how he functions in any astrological chart.

Chiron in Astrology

Two other astrologers made early notable contributions. Chiron means to me the principle of healing or wholemaking.

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Zane B. Stein is noted for an early contribution to Dell Horoscope magazine in January Other keywords assigned to Chiron by Stein are: common ground, personal imperative, turning point, pulling the plug or removing the dam, and loopholes.

The circumstances of Chiron's death are the most dramatic. The wise master was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow fired by his friend Hercules. Being immortal, he did not die, but suffered on in great pain.

5D Astrology – The Centaurs – CHIRON

Finally, in a bargain struck with Olympus, Chiron agreed to leave his gift of immortality and descend through the gates of the Underworld to be relieved of his dreadful pain. In return, Prometheus was freed from his captivity and torture. Prometheus is most remembered for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humans. He also relayed brick and wood work, astronomy, numbers and letters, ships and sails, and the mining of metals. As an archetype, Prometheus is the Wild Man, or an expression of the planet Uranus. So, as a rainbow bridge between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is a catalyst of courage, wisdom, and love, ingredients which set the human soul free.

The chart is rich in symbolism.

This altered form of gold functioned as an anti-gravity lubricant and helped workers move giant building blocks. Gardner suggests that monatomic gold was taken as a supplement by Egyptian pharaohs to enhance their creativity and self confidence.

Today, monatomic gold is said to be a substance which feeds and strengthens our light bodies and promotes ascension. In addition to mystical arts and healing, I propose that Chiron be assigned rulership of monatomic gold.


How appropriate for Chiron who grounds the pure energy of Uranus into the form and structure of Saturn; the maverick who holds the key to travel between the seen and unseen realms. Chiron carries the archetype of a Christ who has returned to our dimension with a mission of healing the Lucifer rebellion which fueled our separation from Source. Are you looking for support through a transition, seeking clarity in identifying and achieving personal goals and activating the universal wisdom held within your astrological chart?